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We are 100% Wind Powered

100% of on-site electrical power is from a wind generated source. We believe in investing in future generations. Wind Energy is easy to harness and does not result in dependency and use of fossil fuels. Michigan has a large array of wind farms. We’ve chosen to tap right into those sources to lead the charge of a sustainable future.

Sustainability at FSI

FSI has achieved the coveted LEED Silver Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, for our new and approved Michigan-based headquarters!

Sustainable Initiatives at FSI’s new LEED Silver Certified Facility:

Energy Conservation:

  • HVAC System
    Installed a 95% efficiency unit that reduces energy costs and run time
  • Office Equipment
    All Energy Star-rated (using less power to operate)
  • T5 Fluorescent Lighting
    More efficient and lasts longer than incandescent
  • Natural Daylight
    High windows & white ceiling tiles provides natural illumination
  • Occupancy Sensors
    Detects motion to turn lights off when no one is in the room
  • On Demand Water Heaters
    Only heats water as needed which uses less energy than heating 50 gallons in a traditional water heater
  • Wind-powered Electricity
    100% of on-site electrical use is wind-generated
  • Hood System
    Has an internal Energy Management System (EMS) optimizing performance
  • Roof system
    Bright/white in color reduces solar absorption & HVAC load

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Paints, Glues & Sealants
    Have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which can cause respiratory problems
  • Tobacco Use
    Not allowed in the building
  • Outdoor Pollutants
    Filtered by high quality filtering system
  • Natural Ventilation
    Exterior windows are open on quality weather days

Water Conservation:

  • Landscaping
    Native and adaptive plants requires no irrigation water
  • Dual Flush Toilets
    Uses 30% less water per flush than standard toilets
  • Automatic Faucets
    Automatic restroom faucets use less water than manual
  • On-Site Detention Pond
    Helps keep excess storm water out of the municipal system and removes sediment from the run off

Waste & Recycling

  • Construction Waste & Debris
    75-85% recycled; remaining materials are incinerated in a waste to energy plant
  • Recycling Centers
    Plastic, paper, metal & glass stations conveniently located throughout the facility
  • Office Furniture
    Purchased recycled furniture
  • Sourced Materials
    Majority have high recycled content
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood & Locally Manufactured Materials
    Reducing waste in shipping & boosting local economy
Customer Testimonials
Joseph AdamsKFC Franchisee
I can honestly say that Facility Solutions was one of the most professional and responsive teams that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  The KFC Packline project was a monumental task and the patience and willingness to bend over backwards to make our requests reality were truly above and beyond.
Tim C. Corp. Projects Department - Jack In The Box
Facility Solutions is one of our best resources for the coordination and management of our planned capital maintenance programs. Their professionalism and structured approach to project management has been vital in allowing my team to successfully complete a larger volume of projects than we would ever be able to handle with our own internal resources.
Christine T.Pepsico Foodservice
I wanted to take the time to reach out to you and tell you what a FANTASTIC job Facility Solutions did with the Taco Bell Corporate Refresh project this year in 2015. This was a complex project dealing with multiple partners, multiple stores, time zones and a million changes.
Jeff J
I had the pleasure of working with Facility Solutions for four years. They were always great to work with. Professional, thorough, great follow up, always made sure all details were covered. I highly recommend FSI if you want the job done right.

Facility Solutions, Inc.